I’m Jess- I’m a photographer, videographer, recipe developer, and creator of the Wild Vegan Flower.

The Wild Vegan Flower was created to help inspired others to try out eco friendly plant based recipes and learn about sustainable practices to help combat climate change.
All of the recipes in this blog are vegan and plant based American Fusion Recipes.

About Me

I’m a photographer and videographer based out of Denver, Colorado. I started my photography path when I was a student at University of Minnesota Duluth where I graduated with a bachelors in Communication with a minor in Graphic Design.
My first job was working as a fashion editor at Runway Manhattan, which lead me down the path to becoming a full time photographer and videographer.
Some of my recent clients include First Day Photo, Grad Images, We Business Solutions, Yes We Love You, Quick Pic Photo Tours, and more.
I launched the Wild Vegan Flower Blog to showcase my food photography, my love for plant based cooking, with the goal to help make the world a more sustainable place.

About My Recipes

I’ve been vegetarian then vegan since 2006- cooking plant based meals is a passion of mine. Ever since I was kid I’ve been cooking up a storm and I use my travels as inspiration for many of my recipes.
I’m American, originally from Minnesota, then a year in Worcester England, with travels around Europe, five years in Colorado, and now I’m living in Seattle Washington.

You’ll notice I love to cook fusion with an emphasis in comfort foods and meals that spark joy. I don’t have traditional family recipes (except for my wild rice stuffing!), otherwise my family ate a lot of Japanese foods after my sister returned from her year in Japan. To this day, sushi is one of my favorite things to cook!
Being vegetarian then vegan for so many years I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the process of veganizing all kinds of recipes!

What to expect…
The recipes in Wild Vegan Flower are non traditional American, taking inspiration from other cultures around the world. I spend my free time watching cooking videos, reading cook books, and experimenting to inspire new recipes.
You’re not going to find ‘authentic Japanese’ or whatever cultures recipes in here since I do not identify with those cultures. My appreciate for other cultures is reflected in my recipes where I draw inspiration from all over the world. You will find lots of different cultural foods with a fusion twist.

I believe food is more than sustenance and I want to elevate your meals into an experience. I want my recipes to be more than ‘yummy’- I want to take you on a flavor rollercoaster and inspire joy using multiple textures, colors, and offer complexity to eat bite.

The Wild Vegan Flower was created to help inspire more people to try plant based recipes for our environment.
We only have one planet- eating a vegan diet will reduce your carbon footprint to up 75% compared to a person who is omnivorous.
With global warming on my mind I want to help show you how your can reduce your foot print- starting at your plate!

What are you looking to cook?!

Work With Me

If you would like to collaborate please email me at
[email protected]

My services include photography, videography, recipe development, and copy writing.

I look forward to working with you!


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