Hello My Fellow Plant Based Foodies!

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At the Wild Vegan Flower we prepare plant based foods using both wild and conventionally grown ingredients!

Eating vegan doesn’t mean giving up your favorite foods- it’s about discovering sustainable and ethical ingredients so you can feel good about your food!

As a vegan foodie my goal is to show you how enjoyable plant-based food is!

Whether if you are trying to improve your health goals or looking for the best vegan food porn you are in the right place!

Why Is There Wild Food In So Many Recipes?

The mission of Wild Vegan Flower is to deliver the best of the best plant-based food. We believe life is too short for mediocre food and there are some absolutely incredible ingredients out in nature that cannot be cultivated.

Wild Vegan Flower aims to give you gourmet vegan recipes that will wow even omnivores. We don’t need animal products to make the most incredible tasting foods! Wild ingredients can help accomplish complex and unique flavors that will leave you inspired.

Some fun examples of wild ingredients that is used is the wild lobster mushroom- it cannot be cultivated but must be foraged. This mushroom tastes and looks like a lobster, but with hints of truffle! Chicken of the Woods is another wild mushroom that tastes and shreds like chicken but less greasy! While hen of the woods can be grown conventionally it is often foraged and is an incredible juicy, frilly, meaty, mushroom.
These are just a few examples of wild ingredients that can level up your cooking!

Does “Wild” Mean Only Foraged Ingredients?

Not at all!
While The Wild Vegan Flower does showcase many wild and foraged recipes many of them use conventionally grown ingredients you can easily buy from the market. The majority of the recipes will have you cooking from scratch for the best possible flavors and quality.
However there are still plenty of quick and easy recipes for you and your family to enjoy!

Who is the Wild Vegan Flower?

Hello! I’m Jess Flowers, the creator of the Wild Vegan Flower! I’m the sole creator of this website, of the recipes, photography, videography, and manager of the social media channels.
I started this blog in 2020 to help show the possibilities of vegan food. I want to show that vegan food isn’t just smoothie bowls, boring salads, and is superior to food with animal products!

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